School Shelters

It is the stated aim of government for 'schools to make better use of the outdoor classroom as a context for teaching and learning' It is our experience that many schools who have recently undertaken an OFTED inspection are assessed on their ability to provide a level of ‘Outdoor Learning'. This often requires a dry outdoor area and we are contacted to provide advice and quotations where a dry outdoor learning area can be provided by an Omega Canopy.

We have installed shelters for schools with a wide range of applications including;

• Canopies to cover Foundation Class Play Areas
Walkway Canopies
Shelters for Parents Waiting Areas
Cycle Shelters
School canopies providing Outdoor Learning Areas

School Canopies

Although every canopy is designed to suit your specific needs, there are some generic types of canopy and canopy roof types. The finish and colour of both the framework components and roof panels vary enormously and the choice is yours.

The reality is that every School Canopy that we design and install is a one-off. There really is no limit to the variety and type of shelter that can be designed to accommodate covered outdoor eating areas, covered play areas, dry outdoor waiting areas. Whilst we have described the main categories of School Canopies, the roof types and the School Canopy components, it is always advisable to talk to us so we can help with your own particular needs.

We hope you find our website informative. If you would like more information or would appreciate a conversation we will be happy to help.