School Canopy Types

The Lean-To Canopy

The Lean-To Canopy
• This is our most popular type of school canopy.

• Essentially, this shelter employs a single pitch roof and is attached to an existing wall, supported along its' outside edge with supporting posts.

• Lean-To Canopies can be the most cost-effective solution in providing a dry outdoor area.

• The key to using a Lean-To Canopy is the availability of a suitable location to fix the canopy to the wall at an appropriate and safe height.

• These canopies are often used immediately adjacent to the Foundation Class, where children can step outside, directly into the covered area and start to play with the dry play equipment.

• If they are to be used in a play area you may consider the use of column protectors to both protect the supporting posts and most importantly keep children safe.

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The Free-Standing Canopy
The Free-Standing Canopy
This design of canopy is the most flexible as its location is independent of any existing buildings

• As the canopy roof is supported by columns located around its' periphery the ‘free' covered area tends to be smaller than that which can be achieved by a Lean-To Canopy.

• If larger free covered areas are needed then the Free-Standing Canopy can be constructed with heavier gauge materials.
The Cantilever Canopy
The Cantilever Canopy

• The advantage of this type of canopy is that no supporting posts are required. This means that the covered area is completely free of obstructions.

• Clearly, this type of canopy can be a good solution for specific spaces.

• There are, however, some important considerations

• The maximum projection from the wall is 3.00m

• The wall must extend above the canopy roof by approximately 1.00m so that the whole installation is structurally sound. If this is not possible there are ways of overcoming this requirement if necessary.