School Canopy Roof Types

The Single-Pitch/Mono-Pitch Roof

Single Pitch Roof

• This is the most common roof employed on our school canopies.

• They are used most commonly with Lean-To Canopies and are uniquely used with Cantilever Canopies.

• They are simple, effective and robust

Gable/Dual-Pitch Roof
Gable Roof

• This type of roof is most commonly used when there is the need or the opportunity to replicate the roof styles of existing school buildings

• Gable roofs are slightly more complex in design, but, they do offer a high level of aesthetic appeal
Hipped Gable Roof
Hipped Gable Roof

• This is a variation on the gable roof.

• It is a slightly more complex roof, but, does offer an attractive alternative design.

• This type of roof is most often used when it is essential to provide a roof in keeping with the roofs of existing buildings
Barrel/Curved Roof
Barrel/Curved Roof

• This is an elegant roof solution.

• The major benefit of this type of roof is that uninterrupted projections of up to 6.00m can be achieved.

• This type of canopy roof is most commonly found in use for Walkways and Free-Standing canopies for outdoor eating and play areas.