Flexibility Of Design

CAD (Computer Aided Design) Drawings

• All of our canopies are designed to meet the structural requirements for Commercial buildings.

• It is sometimes a requirement to provide both a CAD drawing and structural calculations for our canopies.


Structural Calculations

When designing a shelter we ensure that we design within the safe parameters for each of the structural component elements. This means that we limit the unsupported spans of glazing bars and have minimum spans between supporting posts as recommended by our structural engineer for example. We can provide structural calculations as required. If Planning Permission is required then Building Regulations will require structural calculations specific to the shelter and the installation. Every shelter installation is different and can be affected by many aspects of the location such as height above sea level, surrounding buildings, wind exposure.

Structural Aluminium Framework
Structural Aluminium Framework

• These components are designed around an 81mm x 81mm aluminium box section for the majority of our canopies.

• A stronger structural component is sometimes specified where longer unsupported spans are required. These components will be produced in 165mm x 81mm box section aluminium.

• All structural components are powder coated to provide a maintenance free product
Polycarbonate Roof Panels
Polycarbonate Roof Panels

• The roof panels are manufactured from shatterproof structured

• This material can be supplied in a range of thicknesses and colours to provide a variety of shading options.

• As well as protecting from rain and snow the polycarbonate panels are coated in protective layer that prevents the transmission of UV light.
Glazing Bars for securing Roof Panels
Glazing Bars for securing Roof Panels

• The glazing bars comprise an aluminium base, rubber gaskets
providing the watertight seal and a PVC or Aluminium Top Cap to secure the roof panel.

• The aluminium glazing bar is designed to provide the maximum unsupported span.

• Long spans can be accommodated
with the use of a purlin to support the glazing bar.
Column Protectors
Column Protectors

• These are fitted around the supporting posts to reduce the risk of injury.

• They are available in a wide range of colours.

• The column protectors are usually 1.00m in height, but, can be supplied to meet your requirements up to a height of 2.00m.
Side Cladding
Side Cladding

• We will often be required to provide a ‘weather break' on part or all of one of the canopy sides.

• This is achieved by installing ‘side cladding'

• In most cases we use an aluminium frame to support structured polycarbonate panels.

• It is also the case that we will install ‘plate polycarbonate' as the cladding material. This is particularly appropriate in the School Playground environment as this material is 200 times stronger than glass and therefore very robust.